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Things in the soundbooth

Sharing a workspace with a few people can lead to some interesting finds. Last week I found a real gem but forgot to take a photo of it. I’m still wondering why (in an all man’s workplace) there was a wax cooker thingy…. Perhaps the TD’s legs are pretty smooth right now???? In this first
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Rachel in B&W

I was fortunate enough to meet Rachel, a talented singer and aspiring model.  She was looking for a few fun headshots & portraits and I was dying to dust off my camera (look close and see all the dust spots I missed) and do a shoot.  A huge thanks to Chris Elander for the use
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Studio – Taryn & Karli

Taryn and Karli very kindly volunteered to stand in front of the camera for a few hours while I tried to re-grasp the techniques of lighting and composition.  When all was finished it was definitely a success… although editing has taken me longer to get back into.  

Snowy night in Vancouver

I’ve been “forcing” myself to get back into photography after the better part of a couple years off. Last weekend a few friends headed into Vancouver BC for my buddy’s birthday. I brought my camera along with the purpose of shooting using rear curtain sync & slow shutter speeds combined with hand held shots in
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